Bible Reading Plan

Lets read the Bible TOGETHER in 2019
If you're like me, the idea of reading through the Bible can seem intimidating. There are a lot of pages, a lot of words, it's a lot to take in, & I didn't consider myself much of a reader. Eventually, I got past those fears and made a decision to dive into God's Word many years ago when I surrendered to reading the Bible in a calendar year. It's one of the best decisions I ever made in my Christian life for more reasons than I can share here on this website.

This year, I want to encourage all of us to read the Bible together as a church family. While there are many Bible reading plan options available, I'm recommending that we participate in the F260 Bible Reading Plan. I think we will all like it. Here's 3 quick reasons why.

  1. The F-260 is a two hundred and sixty day reading plan that highlights the foundational passages of Scripture that every disciple of Jesus Christ should know.
  2. The plan expects believers to read 1 or 2 chapters a day for 5 days each week, with an allowance for weekends off. The 2 off-days a week are built in so you may catch up on days where you’re unable to read.
  3. An option to memorize 2-4 verses per week are available. There's value in memorizing the Word of God.

The F260 Reading Plan is free and here are links for you to get it:
PDF download (to print a hard copy and use)
YouVersion Bible App for smartphones & tablets

Let's interact together! I will use my facebook page and send e-mails periodically to discuss what God's revealing to me. You can e-mail me the same.

I'm looking forward to an incredible 2019 of experiencing the Bible together and seeing what God does in our lives as we grow as disciples of Christ! 

Pastor Robbie